Les Viaducs
The  viaduct of ....? A lot of viaducts lay out the Imperial Line route,
and allow to get over the irregular relief with many coombs lining Ouche Valley.
Velars sur Ouche ... ! The Velars sur Ouche one is especially remarkable with its two levels,
the Burgondy canal at the foreground.
The Mâlain viaduct, after Blaisy Bas tunnel, in the direction of Dijon.
Mâlain viaduct... !
Neuvon Viaduct (55k)
We have chosen to represent an imaginary work, mixture of those we can see in this valley. The rocks are carved one by one on a polystyrene leaf of 3 mms (Depron), the fabric is made with polystyrene ; it has taken about 100 hours work. A wash drawing gives the color of the work, followed by an airbrush patina to finish.
let's go to Dijon.(56k)