From Lantenay to Mâlain
Lantenay Lantenay, one minute. stand clear of the doors ! mind the doors !
TER 57105 : 8h29, arrival in Dijon Ville : 8h44.
Coming back in the evening byr the TER 57116 at 19h30, arrival in Lantenay at 19h43
Lantenay (54k)
In the Dijon mountain,
we can see the Crucifix Rocks, a goal for hikes.
The CAF (Club Alpin Français) in Côte d'Or is one of the most important in France.
Crucifix Rocks (65k)
François and his friend who do like the cows ... !(67k) Since ever,
we have been liking to watch trains,
and admire the different compositions ...
The harvest (63k)
Sometimes, we can do strange encounters near Lantenay.
Qu'est ce que c'est que ce bin's ? Okay !!!
Messire ! les sarazins ... !(62k)