Kir Lake
Kir Lake from plane Kir Lake below Notre Dame de Talant church a 8100 engine from Dijon
The wellknown CC 7107 ahead the MISTRAL on september the 18th in 1999, for the 150st railway anniversary in Dijon and the 50st anniversary of the electrification of the line.
the CC 7107 engine in Dijon (55k)
Under this mythical name of Mistral, several trains run between Paris and Marseille, between 1950 and 1982. At the beginning, with a steam engine, the journey took 10 hours (3 hours with the TGV nowadays !)
our CC 7107 engine ahead the Mistral (59k)
Then, the Mistral has been towed by the wellknown electric engines CC 7100 which held the speed world record on rail : 234 km/h in february 1954 between Dijon and Beaune by the CC 7121, then 331 km/h in march 1955 in the Landes (in south-west France).
our 150Z steam engine on the archways (60k)
Cancelled in 1982 with the first TGV to Marseille, the "Mistral" stopped to run 20 years ago.
The MISTRAL train arrived in Dijon station on september the 18st, just facing a steam engine, a fuel oil 141R coming from Nevers
A fuel oil 141R steam engine coming from Nevers facing the Mistral !(60k)