A Father and Son passion
Passionned by railway modelism since my childwood, I had settled my little attic with a network around the room. My children were too young and couldn't touch, only with the eyes. But we moved and I had to put it out. It has been very difficult for me, even there was nearly without decoration.
like in the movie "la 7° compagnie : Touche pas à çà ptit con !" Sébastien and François
A few years later, in my new house, I thought to build a new network, and my son François, who was 14, was the driving force. Resolved not to make the same error, I chose to make a modular network, which wouldn't be dependent of a possible moving.
We chose to reproduce our new region where the railway had an important economical and social role and whose irregular relief gives a lot of possibilities for the background. The site : Ouche Valley !
In 1995, we began the woodwork, three modules of 1,20 m length and 0,60 m width, with their covers, and two modules to allow the trains to run in circle. After a few months, the fabric was finished and the railway put on.
The longest work was to do. The electric part was for me, but François made almost all the decoration and,I left him do it. The result shows I was right. We are complementary. In 1999, we added a fourth module which allowed us to build a little station and to reproduce the XIIIst century Talant church.