The CC 7107 engine ahead the Mistral ... !

Michel & François DUBOIS

Our modular train network is inspired by the beautiful landscapes that can be seen on the railway, between Dijon [where the mustard is from!] and Mâlain, in Côte d'Or, (about 25 kms from Dijon).

At the beginning of the Dijon to Paris, the P.L.M. railway (Paris Lyon Méditérannée) goes along Kir Lake by a little tunnels successions, below Talant where we live. It then spans the "Combe Valton" road which steeply climbs to Talant Bourg and Talant Belvédère, then,the railway goes to Plombières les Dijon where we find some three way working (in reality,but not on our network. However, we would have loved to do that but we didn't have enough place !)

From Plombières les Dijon to Mâlain, the Imperial Line takes different viaducts, with different length and height stoneworks to get over the irregular relief with many coombs lining Ouche Valley.

After Velars sur Ouche, the Imperial Line jumps Ouche Valley hollow and begins to climbs to Blaisy Bas. A part of the line is in trench before Lantenay where there is still a running station.